Construction Process

Florida Pools & Spas

construction2We know that starting a new construction project can be daunting at times.  Here’s what you can expect:

ENGINEERED DRAWINGS – A complete set of plans meeting the state of Florida building codes will be provided for your review and approval.  Once approved, the plans will be submitted to your city/county municipality.

LAYOUT – The design will then be painted on the grounds for your approval.

EXCAVATION – Grounds will be excavated at this stage.  If required the excess fill will be removed from the site.

FORMWORK and STEEL – Reinforcement steel rebar will be set along the walls/floor per code.  1st inspection will be scheduled.

CONCRETE – The gunite/shotcrete will be placed pneumatically to form the shell, which will bond tightly to the steel reinforcing rods.

BACKFILLING – Pool shell will be backfilled and compacted. Compaction tests will be completed if required.

POOL PLUMBING – Our plumber will install all pool/spa pipes, light conduits and lighting per code.  2nd inspection will be scheduled.

POOL COPING and TILE INSTALLATION – Your choice of coping will be installed on the pool perimeter.  Your choice of tile will be installed at the waterline of the interior of your pool and any other specified areas.

POOL DECK – Installation of concrete, paver or marble paver deck.  3rd inspection will be scheduled.

EQUIPMENT and ELECTRIC HOOK-UP – Pool equipment will be installed along with electrical hook-up.  4th inspection will be scheduled.  Note: Some municipalities may require load calculations.  This is in addition to normal permit fees.

FENCE or SCREEN, CHILD FENCE or ALARMS – Fence or screen will be installed as per perimeter barrier code.  Child fence or child alarms will be installed as per interior barrier code.  5th inspection will be scheduled.

INTERIOR FINISH – Pool is plastered with one of many top quality waterproof finishes of your choice to seal the concrete and provide a beautiful finish.  Pool filling will start.

START-UP and ORIENTATION – Once the pool is filled with water we will maintain the chemical levels for a period of one (1) week until the water is balanced and stabilized.  Upon the pool being turned over to the homeowner you will receive a complete orientation and all warranties.